attune: bringing musicians together

Attune is an iPad app that connects musicians by music tastes to make music together through the app. This tool eliminates current limitations, such as unique music tastes or social anxiety, by making it easier to find like-minded musicians and giving musicians the opportunity to expand their music talents through collaboration.

To get a clear look at the interface of the app, please view the video in full screen HD.

A huge thank you to the actors:
Paige Brubeck , Sleepy Kitty
Evan Sult, Sleepy Kitty
Michael Armstrong

When I’m Small (Instrumental) – Phantogram
School’s Out – Sleepy Kitty


Finishing up my last semester of school, I’ve been working on a self-driven degree project that involves some of my biggest design interests. Because this is meant to summarize what all I’ve learned throughout school, I’ve done some throughout documenting of my design process. The above video shows how I answered the thesis question I asked at the beginning of the project:


How can independent musicians from different areas collaborate
and connect musically through interactive design?



the interface

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